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What’s the next MMO?

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m actually waiting for the next thing after WoW. Maybe it’s because WoW TBC turned out to go more constraint and not really find the longevity solution for end-game (for me personally at least, where rep grinds are an admission that the holy grail hasn’t been found).

Hellgate London pushes towards MMO somewhat. How that’ll turn out might be interesting to see. I know a lot of folks who silently hoped that Blizzard had announced World of Starcraft, but they are hiring to design a “next generation MMO”. Red 5 Studios has been announcing an MMO (now based on the gorgeous Offset engine). But except for the first, things seem far away.

I’m not sure what it is, but too much splatter doesn’t interest me (Age of Conan), and I like collaborative PVE not PVP (Warhammer Online). Lord of the Rings online is fun now, but it is by no means clear that once the leveling subsides there is anything left there to do.

But as with anything, there is always surprise, and preconceptions about this and that I may well turn out to be wrong. Who knows? Maybe WoW 3.0 is the next big thing?

 P.S. June 1: WowVault’s Sprawl  has a lot more on this point.