Blizzard changes attunements

Hmm an unexpected change in WoW TBC with 2.1.2 going live today in the US and tomorrow in Europe. Attunements for Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep are lifted. This is very intriguing. The overly time-consuming and funneling attunement, especially for TK but also for SSC (requiring two raid bosses killed) were a major burden on semi-casual and casual groups, who have a higher player pool to get through and less resources/time to get people up to speed.

I know many people who have left TBC over its raiding game with respect to accessibility. This is a good change, though I think it’s too late to get many of those leavers back. In some sense it feels like extremes too, first very forbidding, then completely open. Mild attunement (ala “Attunement to the Core” or killing Drak) would have been fine and would have needed no change. I wonder what kinds of attunements we’ll see in future content patches.


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