Heroics or Karazhan first? Both!

A number of folks have asked me: “Which one should we do first with our newly formed guild? Heroics or Karazhan?”

The short answer is of course both.

The long answer is: Both, because:

  • Heroics are good practice in raid-level coordination and healing.
  • Heroic Slave Pen until the 2nd boss is needed so you have the Serpentshrine Cavern attunement quest picked up once you get to kill Nightbane in Karazhan.
  • Heroics will gear you up.
  • Heroics require less folks online and can (with practice) be done in shorter time chunks.
  • Heroics teach you tight crowd control and awareness of a wide range of class utility.
  • Heroics are on short lockout and easy to organise (1-day, 5 man)
  • Karazhan is good practice for raid-level coordination and healing.
  • Karazhan will gear you up.
  • Early Karazhan are relatively easy and will help strengthen your group’s social fabric (if you can survive)
  • Both will wipe you. Wipe tolerance is a major raiding skill, learn it in either place!
  • Karazhan attunement is a good way to get to learn instances on normal before hitting them in skull-mode.

Or more complex, pick “easy” heroics first, like Ramparts, Blood Furnace, Slave Pen, Underbog, maybe Setthek Halls. Don’t be afraid to try others. Start off with Karazhan. The animal bosses should be trivial even without any raiding experience. Attunement should prove mostly trash clearing speed training to him and some minor aggro management in transitions (and possibly positioning, if you feel vulnerable to charges). Crowd control experience in heroics will help you at Moroes, so this is the point where the synergy kicks in. Curator in Karazhan is a DPS check and heroic gear will help you get by it faster.

But the short answer still holds, do both!


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