Rebuffed: Accessibility, motivation and hardcore challenge in TBC raiding

So just a day after Tigole’s big post, Daelo announces TBC boss buffs? Well I feel like this is turning way too much into a “current news highlight” reel. I’ll stop that. Still here’s another development in the TBC raid pacing question that came up recently.

Here’s the confusing news: Just yesterday Tigole said the encounter tuning is fine and bosses are meant to be dropped. Today Daelo, leader encounter designer (I assume that means someone working with Tigole on the raiding game) announced that a number of Black Temple and Mount Hyjal bosses have been buffed to make them more difficult.

So what is the message now? Accessibility and hope for the dedicated raider with normal time commitments or the tuning towards challanging the min/maxing hardcore with high time commitments and high in-game resources?

I really felt Tigole got that right in his EJ forum post, but now the actual actions go the other way. I guess actions count and words are just that.. words. Too bad really. I liked those insights.

P.S. Here is what a Curse member, who has seen most of these encounters has to say about the move (post #354):

Just to add, I think these changes are really stupid and aimed at the wrong bosses completely, the only bosses that needed a buff were Supremus, Shade of Akama, Gorefiend and the Council, instead they missed two of those bosses and buffed bosses that didnt need to be. Mother Shahraz was fine, you need everyone in the raid with capped SR (365) to even get close to killing her, like Nihilum said, Illidan was probally already the hardest boss seen in the game so far, certainly harder than Essence of Souls.

Didn’t Tigole ask that people who have seen the encounter speak up?


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